PT. Design Global Indonesia (DGI) recognizes the establishment of this company profile as a way of communication and interaction between the company and its valued partners: DGI management & staff, existing & prospect clients and business partners. It is our most successful moment starting the journey since 2005 when we established PT. Art Design Indonesia (ADI) and rebranded the company’s name to PT. Design Global Indonesia (DGI) in 2011 due to its broaden and global specialties that a recognition architectural company shall offer to its distinguished clients.

PT. Design Global Indonesia (DGI) offers a wide range of its expert services in Architecture, Urban Design and Planning not only for personal/private but also corporate clients, named a few: Luxurious Apartment Hampton’s Park in South Jakarta, Aston Hotel Ketapang in West Kalimantan, and the Low cost Apartment Latumeten Tower in West Jakarta.

PT. Design Global Indonesia (DGI) is proud of its involvement and contribution to the country for the last 6 years by having designing more than 30 projects spreading all over the cities and provinces in Indonesia without ignoring or sacrificing the significant value and support of surrounding environment and culture

What We Do

We, the management and staff of PT. Design Global Indonesia, strongly believe in effective communication both internally and externally to create and develop a winning work of art. We appreciate each of an inquiry, effort and feedback as an effective solution. The word ‘Success’ for us means not only fulfilling our clients’ dreams & wishes but also satisfying the clients by building and using their dream projects as a part of daily journey.

In cooperation with Project Community, we would like to present a collection of our journey for the last 6 years in architecture. This company profile proves our continuous commitment to deliver excellent design services, which will continue in the years ahead.

On behalf of PT. Design Global Indonesia and as the founder of the company I wish to thank all parties who have contributed towards the publishing of DGI’s signature work of art collection.

Sincerely yours,

Ir. H. Santoso W. Reksoprodjo, IAI