Pasar Mayestik

December 15th, 2011 | Special Building | admin | 0 comments

the Mayestik Market or Pasar Mayestik in south Jakarta is a widely known market offering alternatives to the usual outfit or food shopping. The market is in fact quite popular among expats or tourist for their traditional feel and unique views of everyday bustling, but its main attraction is of course the objects sold inside the shops.

The project is a total refurbishment of existing traditional market with additional space for modern retail and car park building at the podium top floor. The massive 43,700 m2 retail space will replace the historical Mayestik market to modern concept of traditional market. Another contribution to the public is totally recondition of the existing road into spacious pedestrian linkage, which divide the massing into two blocks, and connected with a bridge at upper levels.

Project Stage 2009 : Under Construction, Client : PT. Metroland, Jakarta